Oct 19, 2011

Me, myself and my cat

Hi, My name is Jose. I'm 17 years old. I live in Cartagena (Murcia) and I love cinema especially comedy films and silent movies . Well, some more than others but all are interesting. My favorite movies are Hermanos Marx's films but Chaplin's, Billy Wilder's, Woody Allen's and Tarantino's too.

I've got a sister who is twenty or twenty-one years old, I don't remember. She's a little silly. She also loves cinema but prefers the romantic and horror films. I eat cereals while watching a movie or popcorn too.

On the other hand, I like reading books. My favorite genre is thriller but I like also historical novel. My favorite music is the pop-rock of 70's and 80's and singers like Frank Sinatra, Freddy Mercury and Bob Dylan, I love singing Like a rolling stone.

In conclusion, I'm a normal guy, I do normal things and, sometimes, I say normal things. I've also a cat white with black patches but this I will tell you in another essay.

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