Feb 25, 2012

Exercises from 'Fernando Alonso'

3. Complete the sentences using information from the text:

a) ... was won by Fernando Alonso when he was only thirteen years old.
b) ... in a motor-racing team, he wouldn't win.
c) ... announced that the asturian driver had signed for their motor-racing team.
d) ... season of Fernando in this sport was really amazing.

5. Which are the main hits in Fernando Alonso's career as car racing driver?

The text mentions some hits of the spanish driver Fernando Alonso who won the Formula One World Championship with only fourteen years old in 2005 and becoming one of the most famous drivers in Formula One.

6. What do you think? Do you like car racing? Why or why not?

From my point of view I disagree that the car racing is a sport boring because there are many races, some more exciting than others. However this happens in many other sports like football, tennis or basket therefore I like car racing because it's so fascinating but I can't stand Alonso.

Feb 20, 2012

#4 Famous movie quotes: Shutter Island

"- You know, this place makes me wonder. 
+ Yeah, what's that, boss? 
- Which would be worse - to live as a monster? Or to die as a good man?" Teddy Daniels & Chuck Aule (Leonardo DiCaprio & Mark Ruffalo) -> Sinopsis 

Exercises from 'About Martenitsa''

  • Is martenitsa a religious tradition?
The text mentions the Bulgaria tradition called martenitsa. However, this custom is pagan, not religious, because the celebration doesn't venerate any god of any religion.

  • Do you know any old pagan Spanish tradition?
I know a lot of pagan Spanish tradition. One of them is Carnival. In Carnival people dress up animals, superheroes, bullfighters, famous people, politics, junkies and walk down the street and dance with other people to have a good time.

  • Complete the sentences using information from the text:
a) ... signify a kind of custom that Bulgarian people celebrate the arrival of spring.
b) ... this amulet, the spring will come faster.
c) ... gifts for your family and friends.
d) ... as a new life, fertility and spring.

Feb 10, 2012

Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern - schplenden - schlitter - crasscrenbon - fried - digger - dingle - dangle - dongle - dungle - burstein - von knacker - thrasher... aucher von Hautkopft de Ulm

Sagunto is waiting

I was really excited about my trip to Sagunto (Valencia) to watch a play in town with my friends and my latin's teacher to watch a play called 'Miles Gloriosus'. It's an amazing place, but unfortunately, we had a lot of bad luck.

First of all we took a school bus to Sagunto because it was very far. We arrived on time, but the bus couldn't drive through the streets of the town. However, we could get to the theatre of Sagunto although we got there late to the performance. When we arrived, the play had already begun and we couldn't listen to anything because we were very far from the stage.

When the play ended, we went to eat in the town square and go to the toilet but my sandwich wasn't good and there was no free bar toilet. Despite all these problems, we got the bus to come back to Cartagena. On the return trip, the bus driver put on a film of Quentin Tarantino 'Inglourious Basterds', one of my favourite directors, although it couldn't be heard. Luckily, we come back to Cartagena safe and sound. It was an exciting adventure, but I was glad to get back home.