Feb 20, 2012

Exercises from 'About Martenitsa''

  • Is martenitsa a religious tradition?
The text mentions the Bulgaria tradition called martenitsa. However, this custom is pagan, not religious, because the celebration doesn't venerate any god of any religion.

  • Do you know any old pagan Spanish tradition?
I know a lot of pagan Spanish tradition. One of them is Carnival. In Carnival people dress up animals, superheroes, bullfighters, famous people, politics, junkies and walk down the street and dance with other people to have a good time.

  • Complete the sentences using information from the text:
a) ... signify a kind of custom that Bulgarian people celebrate the arrival of spring.
b) ... this amulet, the spring will come faster.
c) ... gifts for your family and friends.
d) ... as a new life, fertility and spring.

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