Dec 6, 2011

The best speech of the History

We separated more than 70 years since the genius of Chaplin to record one of the most memorable scenes in film history and the strangest thing of all is that, in essence, nothing or almost nothing has changed. Like a time travel is involved,Chaplin signed a heartfelt utterances and brutal ever recorded in 1940 although it could be 2011. A tribute to life and a critique and satire of the greed of man, the power dictator of man. An essential film that has led to the construction of this brilliant and inspiring visual piece.
The Great Dictator premiered in 1940. Directed, written and performed by Chaplin, the film was the first talkie of genius. A satire of fascismharshly criticizing the figure of Hitler and National Socialism. The Chaplin film meantfor U.S. exile pursued by the Un-American Activities Committee because of the ideas displayed. Years later, Chaplin himself would say that to know the horror of the camps had not made the movie.

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