Dec 7, 2011

'School holidays should be much longer ' Discuss

Most people think that holidays should be longer, School lasts eight months. But on the other hand, school holidays last only two months, is this proper? in order that students could relax and begin school with energy. But some people think the opposite.

People, who think that school holidays should be longer, say that students can discover their interests and do activities which aren’t allowed to do at school. Moreover, during this period of time students can enjoy their free time and practise their favourite activities, like playing sports, listening to music or watching films.

On the other hand, there are people who admit that one of the most important things in student’s life is learning, for this reason we can understand that having less school holidays is better. However, they need time to relax and learn things without rules.

On balance, holiday is not a time for doing nothing, but it’s a time to think about us and do activities without the pressure of school obligations.

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