Dec 7, 2011

Exercises from 'The Cronicle of Coca Cola''

5. Was the selling of Coca Cola very successful in its first year?

The text mentions that Coca Cola wasn't very successful in its first year. For example, in Jacob's Pharmacy only nine porcions of drink were sold through a day and benefit a total of $50 for year. However, the cost of production was higher than its sale ($70). So, the early years weren't very happily.

6. Which is your favorite soft drink and in which occasions do you usually have it?

From my point of view Pepsi is better than Coca Cola because the second soft drink is sweeter than the first, consequently my favorite soft drink is Pepsi. However, I like other drinks such as Seven Up, Fanta or Nestea too. I usually take these drinks on holidays of summer and any other day that I want.

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