Dec 7, 2011

'There should be financial rewards for students who get good school grades' Discuss

Most people agree that money arranges everything. For example, when a tennis player wins a competition, the player gets money reward for the victory. This is only a piece of paper, people have been giving a value not only material but also as a means of satisfaction. Consequently, the money has become a fundamental part of society today as Internet. Some people think that should be financial rewards for students who get good school grades. However, there also disagree this measure.

Many students are really brilliant in the study and they get excellent marks, thus it's fair to receive a reward. Money can also motivate students to get better marks and it make easy the development of knowledge. These students may get more easily, with the help of money, get into a great university or a good job in the future.

On the contrary, other students who get marks more below might be both disappointed and hopeless. In addiction to this measure could foment inequalities and arguments too. This also incite students to be more materialistic and don't value what they have. So, the students might leavy aside the studies in favor of money, which isn't important.

On balance, I think that money could be used in not only improve but also reform our education system therefore I think that is absurd to reward a few students can do the entire group. Ergo, it's better than built new schools, buy books, school equipment modernization and advance new technologies with this money. It's true, money is necessary but knowing use.

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